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Ring Stores Have a Large Collection of the New Designs

Jewelry always remains a girl’s best friend. And reputed ring stores have taken a step further in order to bring their wide collection of rings. Whether you plan to go for diamonds or solitaire, you can just take the help of a leading jewelry store. Any good store can provide its customers with a vast collection of jewelry that will surely bring a big smile on their face.


For both men and women, rings form one of the most fashionable pieces of trinkets. In fact, nowadays one gets to see various styles and types rings. From engagement rings to wedding rings, birthstone rings to cluster rings; the number of options is just endless.

However, with the wide number of options and designs available in the market, buying rings can sometimes turn out to be a nightmare. So before you head on to a jewelry store to buy a ring, be careful to remain updated about the latest designs available for the rings.

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Different Types of Rings

Take a look into the different types of ring designs available in the market. Also, don’t forget to ask the representative of any leading ring stores whether the ring you are buying has any aesthetic or symbolic function. Every person should have an idea about the various types of rings that are available in the market. Only then one can make the best choice for their rings.


Wedding Rings

This kind of ring is usually worn during the wedding ceremony. It epitomizes union and marital commitment. Initially, wedding rings were only worn by women. But nowadays, wedding bands for both spouses are available. The wedding bands can be made up of yellow or white gold metal. The designs at leading ring stores may vary from a simple band to a ring with intricate designs.


Engagement Ring

 Engagement rings can come in various styles. It can be made of a simple gemstone like sapphire. Or it can be made up of different gemstones like diamond and rubies. Depending on the stones that are used on the ring, the design may vary. If a ring comes with a prong setting then it will have a one design. Similarly, the designs will change for a bezel setting.


Eternity Ringsring stores in toronto

This kind of ring is made up of precious metals and it also contains one or more number of stones in them. You can ask the ring stores to show you their different collections of eternity bands. Some rings may come with white gold or pink gold.


Cocktail Ring

It is also known as cluster ring that comes with a large centre stone. This kind of ring can provide a classy look to the wearer. This kind of ring also comes in various designs.

Well, there can’t be a better accessory than a ring to complement any kind of attire. After all, rings have always been admired for its beauty and for the symbol of love and commitment. Whether you want to settle for a classic or a vintage ring, make sure that leading ring stores can provide you with a ring that will be treasured by yo

Buying a Ring for Her from Vaughan Jewelers

Are you planning to pop up the question on her birthday? However, before you put the question you must be ready with a proposal ring or an engagement ring. Well, an engagement ring can be a better way to express that you are ready to take the relationship to a new level. But, picking up a ring is a daunting task. The endless number of options for rings may simply inundate you. In order to make things easy, leading Vaughan jewelers can guide you during your hunt for proposal or engagement rings.


One of the important rules of buying a ring is to set aside a budget for it. It would help buyers to choose a ring within the budget.

Proposal/Engagement Ring Is Not About You

Remember, you are buying a ring for your loved one. So try to choose a ring that your loved one would simply love to wear. It won’t be great if you find out that the ring you purchased with lot of care is back in the box and not in the finger. Hence, when you are planning to buy a ring try to choose a ring which would meet her style and taste.

Right Ring Size

You don’t want a ring to be larger than her fingers. If you don’t know her ring size, you can take her old ring to Vaughan jewelers. They can assess the size of the ring and guide you in selecting a beautiful ring based on that size.

Right Style

To know her style you can go through her jewelry box. It would help you to get an idea if she prefers classic pieces or minimalist jewelry. Based on her style preference, you can choose a simple or an attractive ring which would be perfect for her and she won’t take it off her fingers Also, you also need to decide on gemstone shape. You can go for oval or pear shaped diamond rings.

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Stones or Gold Ring

Once you are done with size of rings, you need to settle for the stones. You need to decide what kind of stones you want for the ring. Do you want to settle for diamonds or rubies? Or, do you want to settle for a simple ring on yellow or white gold setting.

Gold or Platinum Bands

Want to choose a ring that would last long? You can go for platinum bands. However, if your loved one don’t love platinum you can ask Vaughan jewelers to show you a gold ring with platinum claws. It would increase the strength of the ring.

Certifications and Reputation

If you are wondering whether shops like Vaughan jewelers are reputable one or not, the best thing to do is to go through the reviews. It would help customers to get an idea about the shop.

Similarly, when buying a ring from a retail shop, you should try to lookout for credentials and certifications. When purchasing diamond rings you must ask for GIA or other certifications. For gemstones GIA certification is the highest form of certification.

Choosing a right ring may seem simple in theory but it’s not so. However, the aforementioned tips can help to choose a ring wisely.